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Thursday, May 21, 2009
Adding Picasa Albums to your website
By mattchristenson @ 6:41 PM :: 10997 Views :: 0 Comments ::

Google Picasa is a great tool to use to help manage your online photo albums.  The major advantage of using Picasa is that they provide installable software that handles uploading your images to the google servers, and then provide RSS feeds that you can use to publish your images to different locations on the web...  (your dropzone, myspace, facebook, etc..)

After you have added albums and photos to your Picasa account, you can use the following steps to publish that photo album on your dropzone's website:

Go to

Click on the "Picasa Web Albums" link.

Sign in using your credentials.

Click the album you wish you publish.

Click on the "RSS" link.

Copy the URL for the RSS feed from the browser.

In a different browser window, Sign into your dropzone website using an Admin account.

Navigate to your Gallery page.

Make sure you are in Edit Mode.

Click on "Albums"

Click on "Add New"

Choose Album Type "RSS Subscription"

Paste the RSS URL into the Rss Feed textbox.

Choose a refresh interval of 30 minutes.

Provide a description, be sure to include the year!

Back on the Picasa website, click on the image you want to use as the banner.

Copy that images URL

Back on the dropzone website...

Use the same text as your description for the Banner Title.

Past your Banner URL into the textbox.

Click "Update".

Your album will now appear on your website.


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