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Tuesday, February 15, 2011
New Pricing Released at DZO Conference 2011
By RealSkydiving @ 2:14 PM :: 5481 Views :: 0 Comments ::
During our presentation at the DZO Conference luncheon we release a new pricing structure of only 0.35% the price of a student ticket. This means that if you are selling Tandem Skydives for $200, that you will incur only a $0.70 charge per student jump.
Additionally, we no longer charge a fee for experienced jumpers. The previous charge of $0.05 has been completely waived for both new and existing customers.
Also, while we don’t have any direct competition (no company offers such a full featured product), we can now deploy our product with certain functionality disabled.  This allows us to BEAT any price or product offering from our competition.
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